How To Stop Someone From Adding in Any Unkown WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp provides you the privacy settings by which you can stop people from adding in any unknown or know WhatsApp group


  • Nobody can add you in any group without your permission
  • You can allow any one of three options given in the setting of latest whatsApp version
  • You have to install latest version of WhatsApp 
 As we know that WhatsApp application is a popular instant messaging application of Facebook by which we can chat, voice call and video call as well with your friends and family from arround the world
The previous versions of whatsapp used to allow to add anyone in any group as long as anyone want to stay in group. Sometimes this led to massive issues to creat big problems. That’s why whatsaap 

enabled a new privacy setting in which WhatsApp gives three options as everyone, Only my contacts ,my contact except, Everyone you can allow any one setting whatever you want. New privacy setting versions of WhatsApp are available for both Android and iPhone. You have to install the latest version of whatsapp to get these privacy settings. 

How to set Privacy

Let me tell you step by step, how to set these privacy settings.
1.  Firstly install the latest version of whatsapp in your mobile phone
2. Open your whatsapp and click on three dot icon given in the right side on top.
3. Now  go through Settings> Account> Privacy.

4. Now tap on the group afterthat tap on any option given as everyone, my contacts, or my contact except.

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