How to Shoot Videos for Youtube | Perfect Guide

Hey creators, Shivam Here. Today in this video we are going to discuss that how You can shoot videos for YouTube as a tech channel. Creators, firstly you need at least the best topic after all.

Video shooting is very easy to work but many Creator are newbies and they make a lot of mistakes that they should avoid them. A creator makes mistake then learn from this mistake and at least he is ready to shoot a professional video after a long time. But we are presenting a quick guide that you avoid this long time for learning.

Let’s start

If you have a topic then follow these simple tricks to shoot your videos.

1. First, choose a topic that you are making your visions into a video

2. If your visions are any guide or any information then it is better that you write them into a sequence, otherwise, you will make a queue of a lot of mistakes and your information will a funny discussion.

3. Arrange a proper installation of the camera (smartphone) like on a tripod or fix the area that covers your face and whatever you want to put into your video. 
Keeping a strong tripod or using gimbal put a new life in your video these equipment make your video professionally.
 If you have any person to hold your camera in hand make sure the camera (smartphone) should have enough stabilization otherwise your video become shaky and that’s become dirty.

4. Use perfect light for your video perfection. You can use natural or artificial lighting conditions. Make sure your camera’s anti banding should be according to your electricity condition. In India electricity is based on 50hz. 

5. Most important always set a proper exposer and contrast before start recording video.

6. Make sure you have a proper sound recorder as like laveliver mic or collar mic, capsule mic or stand mic for your proper voice recording. It will better that you should have always a secondary sound recording system. Firstly start video and audio recording and keep quiet for a few seconds. It will help to cover all the noise sounding you. When you will edit your video then you can easily remove you all noise from the software.

7. Take retake, don’t shy to make again and again scene because they will become perfect you after all your shoot becomes perfect

8. After completing your video recording transfer your video file into the editing machine. Take time without hesitation edit your video with patience. 

You can watch this video for shooting video. It is very joyful. Enjoy it.

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